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SEO Is the process of making a website as easy to read, find and index as possible for search engines


Poor search engine optimisation and ranking could be costing you more in missed sales than the price of search engine optimisation.


Natural Search Engine Optimisation (sometimes called SEO or organic search) is the process of increasing the rankings of a web site on search engines, using a variety of analysis and research techniques. Increased search engine rankings will increase the exposure of a website and therefore attract higher levels of traffic to the website which can be converted into sales.


At Coastal Creative, we love to get results. Not only can we search engine optimise the sites that we design, but we also add your site direct to Google and Yahoo search engines, this method will allow them to index your site quickly and efficiently.


We strive to get the best results that are physically possible for our SEO clients.


Without a successful search engine ranking, a website is practically useless and this is the reason that we

take search engine optimisation (SEO) seriously.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Don't expect to be top of Google in your first week.


It takes several weeks to be indexed but with good optimised code you have a springboard to your search engine success.


Our page optimisation includes proper filename usage, text links, alt tags, image tags and meta tags

Search Engines


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